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2023 Fall Party

Updated: Feb 8

The Knights of Momus once again lit up the night with their much-anticipated Fall Party, a dazzling event that brought members together for an unforgettable evening of revelry and camaraderie. Held at the stunning Bell Tower on 34th, this year's Fall Party was a celebration of the Knights' spirit, blending Mardi Gras flair with a touch of Bollywood charm.

The night unfolded with a delightful selection of cocktails, a four-course buffet featuring a variety of culinary delights, and a premium open bar. No Knights of Momus event is complete without a dazzling array of entertainment. The Fall Party featured lively performances that captured the spirit of Bollywood. The menu, carefully curated for the occasion, showcased the diversity of flavors and the richness of India's culinary traditions.

The Knights of Momus Fall Party was a testament to the organization's commitment to creating extraordinary moments. By fusing the traditions of Mardi Gras with the glamour of Bollywood, the event offered a unique and enchanting experience. As members departed, the echoes of laughter, the vibrant colors, and the joyous spirit lingered, leaving everyone with cherished memories of a night that truly captured the essence of the Knights of Momus.

A heartfelt thank you to party chairs Garett Longwell and Derek Jung for your unwavering dedication and tireless efforts in making the Knights of Momus Fall Party a resounding success!

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We would have gone but we didn’t get the invite!

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